Play Poker with Bitcoin

Bitcoin PokerBitcoin poker has grown substantially over the last few years, and many industry insiders expect the trend to increase exponentially over the next decade. This form of gambling rests within uncharted territory, but it provides an exciting opportunity for those willing to take the plunge.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of virtual currency that can be traded like any other commodity. It’s not affiliated with any nation or financial institution, and it runs on a public platform that allows anyone to get involved. Exchanges and transactions are resolved through the solution of complex mathematical codes meant to assure security, and the individuals who perform these actions are known as “bitcoin miners.” In exchange for helping the system operate, these individuals receive new bitcoins for their efforts.

Sites known as Bitcoin exchanges allow players to use cash or credit to purchase coins, and these can later be converted back into money if you can find a willing trade partner. In some parts of the world, Bitcoin ATM machines have been springing up to assist with financial conversions.

Users keep their bitcoins in a virtual wallet, and they can open it with a unique verification code. If the code is stolen or misplaced, the currency will be inaccessible. If the owner has their PC stolen, there’s also the chance of the wallet being lost forever or opened by a third party (if they have access to the code).

How Does Bitcoin Poker Work?

Bitcoin poker works just like any other poker site, except deposits and withdrawals take place at an accelerated rate. The player deposits bitcoins instead of cash, and they can then receive an equivalent number of chips to wager with (naturally, the same applies when depositing to a Bitcoin casino).

These sites offer all the same games you’ve come to expect, as well as rakeback programs and player rewards. Veteran poker enthusiasts should have no trouble making the transition, but newbies should also find themselves right at home. (Here's more about how to use Bitcoins and security considerations.)


There are a number of reasons why a player might want to give Bitcoin poker a try. Here are some of the most commonly cited examples:

Possible Disadvantages

In fairness, Bitcoin poker isn’t without its potential problems. In order that our readers can weight both sides of the issue, this section presents some of the possible drawbacks to using the virtual currency. As you read, you may notice that some of the strengths mentioned above can also be weaknesses under certain circumstances.


Bitcoin poker may very well be the future of online gambling. The service offers lightning-fast transactions, as well as the possibility of seeing your winnings actually increase in value while sitting in your account. The lack of a backing bank or government makes the whole affair somewhat speculative, but this sense of financial freedom is largely the reason why Bitcoin has prospered in the first place. If you’re a poker enthusiast who enjoys being on the cutting edge, give it a try.